War Against Poorly Fragranced Reed Diffusers

Well here it is! Our very first blog post.

Why Home Fragrance?

I often get asked when I’m out and about at events around the Midlands what got me into making home fragrances. Well the answer is I really struggled with my sleeping pattern for quite a long period of time. To the point I was having to use tablets to help settle at night; I just couldn’t settle and switch off. So I decided to buy a lavender reed diffuser, although it helped it was expensive and didn’t last very long. So this got me on a mission! And anyone who knows me will know I can’t settle until I’ve completed my targets!! Hahah! So there I was experimenting with pure essential oils and different diffuser bases. I was rather surprised at how highly fragranced I could make them. This is how my Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Vetiver reed diffuser was created, and within a few days of having the diffuser in my bedroom I started to feel more relaxed and my sleeping pattern over a few weeks got much better.

War Against Poorly Fragranced Reed Diffusers

This then led to thoughts of ‘why are the vast majority of shop bought reed diffusers either poorly fragranced or only last a week or two???’. So I again began testing different fragrances and combinations. This is how Aroment was born. One thing I did learn rather quickly in this process is that producing diffusers which are of high quality is possible!! When I say high quality my expectations are of a diffuser which not only last a reasonable amount of time but which also smells great. My conclusion as to why most retail bought diffusers don’t fulfill either of my expectations is that for most retailers it’s all about the profit margin, and the fragrance oils are the most costly component to the diffusers, therefore by reducing the oil content in the diffusers this makes them more profit, but also means their consumers get a substandard diffuser.

At Aroment we don’t stand for substandard home fragrances! All of our diffusers are made with the highest quality oils, and all of our essential oils are supplied by a member of the British Aromatherapy Council. All of our bags and linen bags are not only environmentally friendly but also hand stamped.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about how Aroment began, and most importantly why!!

Next Time

Look out for our next blog for a brief look at the science behind how reed diffusers work and how to get the most from them!!


Brought a casis, raspberry and fig from Matlock Christmas Fayre. Absolutely amazing. I will be ordering more online.

A Edwards December 11, 2019

Bought lemongrass. Nutmeg . Ginger reed diffuser today at Chatsworth country fair . Is smells amazing , fantastic friendly service and very knowledgable of product . Will be purchasing more soon . excellent gifts too in linen bags . A great find for myself and friends x

Marie November 19, 2019

Came across your products whilst on holiday in Derbyshire (gorgeous county) and bought the lemongrass, nutmeg and ginger, absolutely lovely and will be ordering from you.

Sue Rogers November 19, 2019

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