How We’re An Environmentally Conscious Business

Everything we design has to pass 3 key processes. Most importantly the product must be ‘green’, in the sense that it can be reused, or upcycled or worst case scenario recycled. Then it has to look great and fit in with our style, by easily fitting into the decor of any home. All alongside being cost effective to ensure we have great products, which can rival any of the best brands for value. 
So here we have some extra info regarding how and why we have chosen the materials we have alongside some inspiring ideas, we hope you find it interesting. 
The most important component; the tins! We chose these because not only can they be fully recycled in your household recycling bin, but they also help with a number of key issues. 
We wanted a different style, one different to many of the market leaders, therefore not only providing an alternative design but by the tins being opaque they don’t allow sunlight to damage the liquid or allow too much evaporation. They also give the illusion that they’re always full, and I’m sure you will agree; there’s nothing worse than a lovely smelling diffuser which has gone all discoloured and looks unappealing.
Our linen bags were chosen as an alternative to the typical plastic covered cardboard packaging seen all over the high street; which is not only incredibly difficult to recycle, but also has no use afterwards. So we chose the linen bags to add value whilst being a great gift bag! 
The main positive is that the upcycling opportunities are endless! From keeping hair grips together, office essentials neat and tidy or makeup in one place rather than all over your bag. Or for something totally different what about growing some seeds in them ready for your vegetable patch? 
Then we have our brand new eco-friendly wrap option, which is exactly what it says on the tin (no pun intended), it’s a stamped card board wrap, to keep the tins safe, but is totally recyclable, therefore having even less of an impact on the environment.
Finally we have our postage and packaging; all of our boxes are made from card, so totally recyclable and reusable. But we have also recently swapped to paper tape, leaving Aroment even more eco friendly.
We hope that you have found this blog useful and educating, and if you have any further tips, whether it be related to upcycling the linen bags or how we could be even greener then please do share with us!! 

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Absolutely love these diffusers, have tried so many others with little success but these really work so well and for such a long time. The service is truly impressive too…Thankyou for such a great product

Sally Elliott April 25, 2020

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