What are our strongest fragrances??

We often get asked what our strongest fragrances are. Which is a difficult question as  people have various levels of sensitivity to fragrances; for example one person might not be able to smell a particular fragrance, whereas the next person may find it powerful.

All of our products have the same amount of fragrance in them; so even though Rhubarb, Peach & Plum is much more noticeable than say our best seller Pomegranate, Patchouli & Cedarwood; they both have the same amount of fragrance in them, it’s the composition of a fragrance that makes a fragrance either powerful or more subtle, yet still noticeable.

Fragrances have different notes, not the musical kind; but they have top, middle and base notes. Top notes such as lemon and lavender are the scents which are immediately noticeable, as they are the first to evaporate. Whereas base notes like cedarwood and patchouli take longer to evaporate, so the strength isn’t as noticeable compared to top notes, but the aroma lasts longer.

What also makes a big difference in strength is the type of fragrance. For example cinnamon & lemon are naturally stronger than jasmine or cedarwood.

According to our customers here are some of our strongest fragrances in our range.

Rhubarb, Peach & Plum

Lemongrass, Nutmeg & Ginger

Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Vetiver

Blueberry & Vanilla Muffin

Blackberry & Bay

Orange, Cinnamon & Clove 

Damson, Rose & Berries




Blueberry and vanilla muffin my favourite

Susan Rogers

My favourite is lemongrass, nutmeg and ginger, I find this so uplifting, absolutely love it.

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