You may see a change to our reed diffuser labelling soon. Here’s why…

Please Note : After further testing from the manufacturer, the below information is now not necessary or relevant. Therefore our labels will revert back to the labels we had before this information. This information page will remain here as there will still be diffusers on the market which have this now incorrect information on the labels.


Recently there’s been yet another regulation change regarding reed diffusers. This time it doesn’t effect the fragrances in our recipes, it effects the base oil. Due to the regulations changing, the makers of the oil have had to do more tests. Following the preliminary tests, extra warnings have been deemed to be necessary, and must be included in the labelling of our products. More tests are currently taking place, which will confirm these results or reject them.

The warning that is to be included on the labelling is ‘suspected of damaging the unborn child’, but it’s worth noting that these results were only observed at relatively high doses via the oral consumption route, not through inhaling the product, which is the intended use of a reed diffuser. 

So to conclude, the recipe or ingredients for this oil haven’t changed at all. It’s worth noting that the risk assesment for all identified uses of this base oil and the associated risk to human healths confirmed that all identified, intended uses are safe.

Previous testing didn’t show these latest results. Therefore the manufacturer of the base oil are undergoing more testing - which could revoke this recent change, or it could confirm this change.

AROMENT will continue to use this diffuser base as it’s the best on the market by a very long distance, it’s also the most commonly used base oil on the market for reed diffuser use, amongst both big and small businesses. Whilst some of our customers will be concerned by this change in labelling & the risk. It’s important to stress again, that these test results occurred via the oral consumption method. So providing you use the diffuser as it’s intended, and not drink it, then there are no extra risks compared to before these test results. But sadly due to laws & regulations, we have to include these warnings on our labels for any new products made from now.

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