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These are seconds, they don’t quite meet our high standards. They only difference between these tins and our full price versions, are that the labels may have slight damage to them and the tins maybe slightly dented too. They have exactly the same contents as our full price diffusers, but the containers & labels aren’t to our standards . As these are seconds, they aren’t refundable. To view CLP information, please view the individual fragrance page.

Displayed in a circular tin with 10 black reeds. The diffuser comes in an Aroment eco friendly wrap.

Our diffusers are all made with the highest quality ingredients following many months of testing. This not only provides a much longer lasting diffuser but also a stronger aroma compared to many shop bought diffusers.

Our 100ml diffusers last around 2-3 months and the 200ml diffusers last around 5-6 months. Both size variants come in the same size tin, but they have different fill levels.

For an even stronger scent, add more reeds, we offer the reeds for sale online, simply add as many as you like, this will increase the strength of your diffuser, but it will cut down its life span.

Instructions - Insert the reeds into the liquid and within a few days you will sense the beautiful aroma. For an extra burst of fragrance simply reverse the reeds

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