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Do you prefer buying small scoopable wax melts, so you can change the scent often? Then here are our fragrance tester tins which also double up as small Scoop & Melt Tins. Better yet, they’re made using the same recipe as our full size Scoop & Melt Tins, therefore they have double the amount of fragrance load compared to many other wax melts on the market! 

These can be used either as a fragrance tester, by simply smelling the scent directly from the tin, or by using the wax in a melt warmer/burner. So a tin with a net weight of 25g can easily last 15 hours+. Better yet, the wax is environmentally friendly and the tin is fully recyclable. 

These sale tins are excluded from the normal 15% off next order promotion.

How to use 

• Use a teaspoon to scoop out a heaped spoonful and then simply place the wax into your warmer/oil burner (Ensure you follow the safety guidelines for your warmer/oil burner/ unscented tea lights)

• Then enjoy the long lasting strong aroma

• Once the fragrance has been used, allow the wax to cool and harden. Then remove the wax and start the process again.

Ensure the tin is kept upright, out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place

During hot weather conditions postage may be delayed to ensure the wax reaches you in the best condition.

Whilst the fragrance tester tins are a great method of testing a scent prior to purchasing a full size product, they can’t be used to determine the strength of a fragrance in a product such as a diffuser.


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