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Here’s our choose your own gift set collection. Simply add to your basket, then click on your cart, and scroll down to the order notes section, which is just below your products, then simply add your preferences here. Alternatively send your selection to us through the contact us page. Please ensure your selection is in stock.

If this is for a gift, why not add one of our Aroment Gift Message Postcards, simply choose your design, add the message, and we will do the rest!


Home Sprays  - Our home sprays have double the amount of fragrance in them compared to many others on the market. Displayed in a amber glass bottle containing 120ml, providing over 700 sprays, great for a boost of scent in your home. InstructionsShake well before use, then spray into the centre of a room. If spraying on fabric, test on an inconspicuous area first to ensure suitability, and then spray from at least 15 inches away. Do not directly spray onto furnishings, open flames or other heat sources. Not intended for body use, or for the liquid to come into contact with skin. Beware of slippery surfaces after spraying. Do not drink. Keep away from children and pets. Keep out of direct sunlight.

 Reed Diffusers  - Our diffusers are all made with the highest quality ingredients following many months of testing. This not only provides a much longer lasting diffuser but also a stronger aroma compared to many shop bought diffusers. How To Use. Pull up the wings to the side of the white lid, and then twist and remove the lid. Remove the seal & insert the reeds. If you wish to use the contents to refill a different container, then pull up the side wings to the side of the white lid, and then pull upwards. This will release a spout. Then spin the white lid off the spout. Then remove the seal, and pour into your desired container. Ensure you use gloves.

Scoop & Melt Tins - Our Scoop & Melt Tins are designed to provide a long lasting, strong aroma. These aren’t any ordinary wax melts! Make sure you watch our video showcasing our Scoop & Melt Tins to see how best to use them.  These tins have a net weight of 175g which should easily provide you with around 15-17 good sized scoops. So a tin can easily last 100 hours+. Better yet, the wax is environmentally friendly and the tin is fully recyclable. We have also included a wooden spatula to prevent any unnecessary contact with the wax. 

How to use:

• Use a teaspoon to scoop out a heaped spoonful

• Use the wooden spatula to push the wax into your warmer/oil burner (Ensure you follow the safety guidelines for your warmer/oil burner/ unscented tea lights)

•Then enjoy the long lasting strong aroma

• Once the fragrance has been used, allow the wax to cool and harden. Then remove the wax and start the process again.

Ensure the tin is kept upright, out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place

During hot weather conditions postage may be delayed to ensure the wax reaches you in the best condition.


If you wish to view the CLP for the fragrances you wish to choose for your gift box, please view the individual product page.


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