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Our products are made using the highest quality ingredients, not only creating long lasting products, but also providing a much stronger fragrance too! We’re also eco friendly, our base oils & waxes are made using renewable sources, and our packaging is either recyclable or re-useable. Check out our Gift Sets, which cover the whole of our product range.

Sale Mini Tins are not included in the ‘get an extra 15% off your next order when purchasing’ offer. 


Our Reed Diffusers 

Our reeds diffusers are displayed in a circular tin with 10 black reeds. They are packaged in an Aroment eco friendly wrap. Alternatively you can choose to add an Aroment Linen Gift Bag to add that extra little touch, especially if this is for a gift.

Our 100ml diffusers last around 2-3 months and the 200ml diffusers last around 5-6 months. Both size variants come in the same size tin, but they have different fill levels.

For an even stronger scent, add more reeds, we offer the reeds for sale online, simply add as many as you like, this will increase the strength of your diffuser, but it will cut down its life span.

Instructions - Insert the reeds into the liquid and within a few days you will sense the beautiful aroma. For an extra burst of fragrance simply reverse the reeds.

Our Scoop & Melt Tins

Our Scoop & Melt Tins are designed to provide a long lasting, strong aroma. They have DOUBLE the amount of scent in them compared to many other melts & candles on the market. Each tin holds 160g, providing around 100 hours of fragrance. We use a rapeseed and coconut wax, which is one of the most eco friendly waxes on the market!

How to use

• Use a teaspoon/wooden spatula to scoop out a small amount of wax and insert  into your warmer/oil burner (Ensure you follow the safety guidelines for your warmer/oil burner/ unscented tea lights)

• Once the fragrance has been used, allow the wax to cool and harden. Then remove the wax and start the process again.

Ensure the tin is kept upright, out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place

During hot weather conditions postage may be delayed to ensure the wax reaches you in the best condition.

Our Scoop & Melt Mini Tin / Fragrance Tester Tin 

Want to know what a fragrance smells like prior to buying a full size product? Or simply prefer buying small scoopable wax melts, so you can change the scent often? Then here are our fragrance tester tins which also double up as Mini Scoop & Melt Tins. Better yet, they’re made using the same recipe as our full size Scoop & Melt Tins, therefore they have double the amount of fragrance in them compared to many other wax melts & candles on the market!

These can be used either as a fragrance tester, by simply smelling the scent directly from the tin, or by using the wax in a melt warmer/burner. So a tin with a net weight of 20g lasts around 15 hours. Better yet, the wax is environmentally friendly and the tin is fully recyclable.

PLUS, upon dispatch we will send you a 15% discount code, to be used on your next order when spending £20 or more. The discount can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer. The voucher expires 28 days after issue. If after we have dispatched your order, you still haven’t received a discount code, please contact us. The discount is only awarded to tins purchased via our website and not at events or stockists, purely as there is no other option to smell the scent online, other than buying a tester

Whilst the fragrance tester tins are a great method of testing a scent prior to purchasing a full size product, they can’t be used to determine the strength of a fragrance in a particular product range such as a diffuser.

For instructions on how to use our Scoop & Melt Mini Tins, please follow the same instructions given above, which can be found in our full size Scoop & Melt Tin section.


Our Home Sprays

Our home sprays are great for releasing an explosion of your favourite scent anywhere you would like! They have double the amount of fragrance in them compared to many others on the market. They’re displayed in an amber glass bottle containing 110ml, providing around 700 sprays.

Instructions - Shake well before use, then spray into the centre of a room. If spraying on fabric, test on an inconspicuous area first to ensure suitability, and then spray from at least 15 inches away. Do not directly spray onto furnishings, open flames or other heat sources. Not intended for body use, or for the liquid to come into contact with skin. Beware of slippery surfaces after spraying. Do not drink. Keep away from children and pets. Keep out of direct sunlight.


To view the CLP’s please look on the specific fragrance page.

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