What are the delivery costs? 

We offer free delivery on all orders over £40, for orders under £40 a £2 delivery charge will be added to your cart at checkout

How do I know what the fragrances smells like?

We do have events around the country, these are displayed on the events page and our Facebook page. Alternatively we give a detailed description of the notes of our fragrances on the items individual page.


How long will the reed diffuser last?

Reed diffusers all last a varying amount of time due to their size and the environment they are placed. 

Our 100ml tins will last around 2/3 months and our 200ml tins will last around 4/6 months. 

However the temperature of rooms as well as the air flow can all have an impact on the strength of the fragrance as well as it’s longevity.


Do you sell natural products?

Yes! We have a collection of highly fragranced pure essential oil reed diffusers. The oils are totally natural and the base to all of our diffusers is made from plants so is also natural and non toxic.

We also have a collection of totally natural, pure essential oil Dead Sea bath salts. These are also vegan friendly.


How to use reed diffusers

Simply remove the lid from the tin, take any ribbon or bands off the reeds and then enter them into the liquid. 

The fragrance can take around 3/4 days to begin to scent your homes. This is because the reeds soak up the oil which then evaporates into your room.

To make this process a little faster simply put the reeds in the liquid and after an hour or so, alternate the reeds as this will speed up the soaking up effect.

Our diffusers are highly fragranced so there shouldn’t be a need to alternate the reeds like most store bought diffusers. But if you want an extra burst of fragrance, simply alternate the reeds.


Where are your products made?

Our diffusers are hand made in a village near Alfreton in Derbyshire.


Are your products environmentally friendly?

We aim to be as environmentally friendly as practically possible. Our packaging is all from recycled card, paper and linen, therefore reducing the need for plastic. Also our diffuser base is made from plants which is a renewable source, which again reduces the need of using an alcohol based product which many companies use.


How long is the delivery time?

Due to all of our items being hand made some are made to order, so the lead times can be 3/5 days prior to dispatch, however we aim to dispatch as soon as possible.


Wholesale availability

If you are interested in stocking our highly fragranced handmade products then please contact us via info@aroment.co.uk