IFRA Update - Fragrance Changes

You may not know but the fragrance industry as a lot of regulatory and safety standards, some companies follow them, and some don’t. Here at AROMENT we ensure we not only have great quality products, but also safe and legal ones.

Sadly this does mean fragrances can be effected by different standards and regulations, thankfully this doesn’t happen regularly, but we are approaching a big change, especially in relation to diffusers. The next update is regarding skin sensitivity upon touching rattan reeds. The IFRA (International Fragrance Association) have changed the allowable usage limits of certain ingredients within fragrances (even natural essential oils). Which means some of our current fragrances will be reformulated and some will be discontinued.

This does effect quite a large range of our diffusers, so I have been working on some new scents for a few months, as well as experimenting with different recipes (within the new allowable limits), to hopefully be able to relaunch some of the effected scents. Although this may take a short while, and sadly some scents will be far too different following the reformulations, so could be discontinued.

Below is a table of our current scents and which ones are effected by the new regulations. Thankfully you will still be able to purchase all of our current scents in a Home Spray or Scoop & Melt Tin, so you will still be able to get your favourites fragrances, albeit some won’t be available as a diffuser after the start of May.

So…From early May you may not be able to purchase your favourite scents in a diffuser, so I would recommend if there’s a particular scent that you love, to buy them now, whilst you can.

Plus… You may have noticed some new fragrances and home sprays in the above table, these will all be launched very soon.

Rock Salt, Seaweed & Amber - One of my new favourites, and sure to be a new best seller! If you like the smell of a fresh sea breeze, this is the one for you.

Strawberry, Raspberry & Rhubarb - This is a strong, fruity scent, it was a limited edition fragrance suing 2021 and was very popular!

Peony, Rose & Velvet - A beautiful, light floral scent, reminiscent of a cottage garden in bloom.

Black Pepper, Leather & Sandalwood - This dark & mysterious fragrance is woody, smokey and rich.

Plus, as mentioned above, I will be trying my best to re-launch some of the effected scents over the coming months. But at this stage it’s impossible to know which scents can be relaunched and which will be discontinued. So if you don’t want to try a different scent, then stock up on your favourites whilst you can.

As always our focus is to provide great quality, long lasting products at an affordable price, so any fragrances we launch, be that to replace the effected fragrances or totally new scents, they all go through the exact same extensive testing, to ensure our products meet our very high standards.

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